“Wisdom Does Not Come Overnight” Traditionally as our children grow in their families and communities they are given values and training that will enable them to make wise decisions


“Little by Little Grows the Banana” The Womanhood Training Program is designed to give our children, spiritual, mental and physical principals learned from our history and taught

What Will They Learn ?

Following completion of initiation rites, the initiates participate in a series of monthly workshops including:

  • Community Service
  • History of Our People I and II

Who Can Be Part Of WHT ?

“A Single Bracelet Cannot Jingle”

  • Prospects – Adolescent girls who apply to commit to training, workshops and sessions.
  • Initiates – Adolescent girls who undergo initiation rites and first-year instruction

"WHT is an African-centered rites of passage program dedicated to transforming, nurturing, empowering, and enriching the lives of young girls from the ages of 12 - 17 as they journey into womanhood"

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