Who Can Be Part Of WHT ?

“A Single Bracelet Cannot Jingle”

  • Prospects – Adolescent girls who apply to commit to training, workshops and sessions.
  • Initiates – Adolescent girls who undergo initiation rites and first-year instruction and training to prepare for the stages and responsibility of womanhood.
  • Candidates – Adolescent girls who are in the process of completing the second year requirements for Crossover.
  • Parents – Adults responsible for the spiritual and cultural development of candidates who believe in the mission and goals of the Womanhood Training Program.
  • Mentors – African-American Sisters commit to maintaining and keeping a one-on-one nurturing relationship with a committee appointed initiate. This relationship is maintained throughout and beyond the Initiates Womanhood Training experience.
  • Friends of Womanhood Training – Persons who aid and support WHT with transportation, fundraising, financial sponsorship of Initiates and Candidates, technical skills and other support as needed.
  • Big Sisters – Young ladies who have completed crossover and provide support for Initiates and Candidates for Crossover.